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Interesting Facts you should know about Rottweiler

We’ve seen them in bollywood movies, tv shows and most likely in real life, The Rottweiler. They have been known for their loyalty, power, endurance, confidence and alertness. These dogs make one of the best companions for the ones who are loyal to them. Here are some interesting facts about Rottweiler.


  • They were used by the Roman army for guarding and herding their cattle stock which was as source of food for them.
  • The Rottweiler can weigh from 86 to 135 pounds and live up to 11 years.
  •  A Rottie needs someone who is assertive and has time to devote to its training and supervision.
  •  These dogs have always been famous for their strong jaws and bite force.They are considered to have one of the greatest bite force in all Canine world.
  •  Rottweilers need your proper care and attention.They are prone to several health disorders like Hip Dysplasia and some eye disorders like Entropion.They can soon become stressed if left alone for longer interval of time.
  •  The Rottweiler needs to live in the home with its pet parents. If left alone in the backyard without training then it will become bored, aggressive and destructive.
  •  Rottweilers require a couple of 10 to 30 minute walks and play times everyday.
  •  Many Rottweilers snore so you may want to invest in some good earplugs.
  • Because of its super powerful jaws, you will need tough, almost indestructible toys for your Rottie to play with.
  • Celebrities like Bruno Mars, Will Smith, Hayden Panettiere and Leonardo DiCaprio all have or once had a Rottweiler.

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If you are really considering embarking on the wonderful journey of having a Rottweiler, be sure to research out reputable breeders or look to your local rescue groups in India for available Rotties looking for a second chance at a great life.

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