Choosing The Right Toys For Your Dog As Per Age

Just like kids, dogs, no matter the age, adore pet toys. The thing about dog toys is that these are great interactive tools which can really help your pet learn and stay active through their initial puppy years. And even though these toys are meant to entertain your dogs and comfort them, these can also act as great training tools.


This fact makes choosing the right dogs toys, whether from online stores or toy shops, all the more imperative. Every dog has different needs, which again keep changing with their age. What may be a good toy for a dog at a particular age, may not suit a different breed of dog or even the same dog at a different age.


The type of toy you purchase very much depends on the personality of your dog. You can begin with inquiring more about the dog you are opting for, say at a pet shop in Delhi or any online pet store in India.


You must changethe toys at specific time-frames to keep your dog agile and happy. Here’s how you can do it: –


7-12 weeks


This is the stage where your puppy is all energetic and curious about everything around. Hence, it is the right time for you to introduce your pup to a range of different toys to help his mind grow. While a squeaky toy will fascinate him, a plush toy will help comfort him well while he learns to stay separated from his mother and family.


Always opt for toys that are made of a softer rubber material, given that your pup still has baby teeth. Instead of giving various toys to your doggy at once, switching them at intervals will help make him more comfortable to changes, and adapt better. You can try out treats or dog food that stimulates his curiosity.


3-9 months


This is the time where your need to invest in some quality chew toys to save yourself the loss of your favorite pair of shoes or other similar articles. Why? Your puppy finally starts teething and will want to chew away everything that he finds. At this stage, both his stamina and strength are continuously increasing, and he will love having some interactive tools to entertain himself with. Despite the fact that you might have to keep replacing worn out chew toys, you should keep in mind to buy only those that are not too strong for his teeth.


This is also the right time for you to begin training your doggy. When familiarizing him/her with a few disciplinary actions, you can reward him with a toy. Since he is still not old enough to follow commands, this will be a good way to keep his interest going.


9-12 months


As your dog heads towards a fully grown stage, he will be incredibly active. It will take a lot to tire him out, and since his teeth will be stronger and sharper now, he will cut through chew toys. This is where you can introduce him to fetching/catching balls and rope pulls.


You can however still keep chew toys as and your dog will still love it. Besides, chewing will also stimulate the production of healthy saliva. What you can do now is opt for chew toys wherein you can hide treats. This will help entertain your dog for a long time.


7 years and above


This is the stage where your dog has officially attained seniority. Although he may not be as active as before, yet he will still be inquisitive. So to keep him healthy and active, you can get him toys, this time softer ones to not harm his teeth. You can store chew toys, soft rubber balls and sticks for him to chew or fetch.


Due to ageing, both his body and responses may slow down. Exercises will encourage him to use his brain and keep his muscles active.


There are many stores selling pet toys in Delhi that you can visit to find your pooch some age-specific toys. However, if you are tied up in your busy life, browse one of the pet shop online and get the items delivered right to your door step.


As a responsible owner, it is your duty to change the toys at the right time, so make sure you do that.

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