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Which Brand is best for your Dog? Royal Canin vs Pedigree vs Drools

Every pet lover these days is concerned about the health and fitness of the pets and is therefore more concerned about the quality of the food. Various brands are available to them but the suitability depends on factors like the ingredients of the food, how important the food is for the pet, what benefit the pet would have and what all is not to be given to the pet for his development.


With so many brands around one cannot be sure about the food entirely as the brands are too competitive to lose to each other. Brands like Royal Canin are good for your pets as they come with 40 years history of serving pets with good quality food. It is a renowned brand in the USA and is slowly casting the whole world in its spell.

It is characterized with special features for different pets through various varieties depending on the breed and size. Age is also one criteria followed rigorously.


The food comes with richness in all nutrients required for your pet to have a healthy and longer life. There is no ambiguity in adjudging the food’s quality as it is accepted by people the world over for their pets.


Another brand Pedigree is from the same Company Mars Inc. as Royal Canin and is another world renowned variety of dog food which caters to the needs of the pets in a very robust way.

The food has all the nutrients as required by a pet to live a healthy and prolonged life. The various flavors of food like chicken, milk, rice etc. make it a preferred variety and people choose as per the adaptability of their respective pets. The food has enriched variety of essential nutrients that work on the things like digestion, skin and coat thereby taking care of the immunity and oral health of the pets as well.


Yet another famous brand is Drools which is picking up the market too quickly. It is known for providing the dogs with both prebiotics and probiotics which are needed for their development. This brand comes in different packages for different pets.

For Labradors, for example, it comes in different high protein variety to take care of the high energy needs of the Labradors. This food is enriched with all the healthy nutrients and comes in specific sizes also. Like a Labrador needs a large size of food to nibble given its larger jaws,  Drools food is definitely ahead of other brands here.


In case one is wondering about which one to choose, it is obviously difficult to assess by seeing just the package. Like humans, dogs and other pets also have their own individual taste and while we focus on ingredients, we must also consider the taste and like of our pets. If we choose our food according to taste keeping ingredients in mind, we must not force it on our pets. All the brands share the property of focusing on essential nutrients and thus taste and choice of pets would drive the choice.

4 thoughts on “Which Brand is best for your Dog? Royal Canin vs Pedigree vs Drools

  1. Nikhilesh says:

    I have a lab…. from starting i used ROYAL CANIN lab junior for 6months. Actually its getting expencive for me but still at start i did not compramised for good growth of my pet…..
    But now I am planning to change to drools… can u suugest drools food for lab is good

    1. drools is Average dog food. you can change for better result you can also try Focus in Drools

  2. Mahesh Kumar says:

    I m giving my 7 year old lab with drools it seems economically best and value for money

  3. Manoj G says:

    Iam feeding drools focus starter to my 50 days labrador, is drools Focus good or I need to change for royal canin.

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