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Best Food for Cats, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

If you own a pet, you own a baby! Cats, rabbits or guinea pigs all have different needs like a baby has. One needs to keep their wishes fulfilled with a difference that you need to assess their needs as these animals cannot speak like a kid would tell you. Cats are very different from dogs and have their own dietary needs. For rabbits and guinea pigs as well, the need is very different from other animals.


Cats need a lot of protein in their diet which is best met by chicken or any other grain-free rich protein diet. It could be homemade or raw but it has to be something conducive for cats to eat. One thing to note with cats is that they should not be fed on dry grains or any other dry food. This is because they do not nibble the food properly and sometimes they cannot digest it also. Cats are also awry of eating fillers like corn or soya in their diet. Since these are again sticky and could make them choke also.


Some experts even do not recommend fish food as it comes in cat food as it is treated with toxins and metals, which can damage the organs.


For rabbits, again food has to be chosen carefully as rabbits can also be choosy at times. Since they are vegetarian by all means, they need to be fed on a high fiber diet. For this grass or mixed vegetables could be a natural source for them. Also, they are water lovers and actually drink a lot of water.


Giving them a similar diet and keeping water in their access is necessary. Also, high carbohydrate diets are a strict no for the rabbits which could lead to damage to their health and also invite obesity.


Guinea pigs like rabbits are vegetarian and mostly fed on hay or vegetables. A cup full of vegetables is enough for them during a day. This could include carrot, cucumber, green peas or tomatoes. They also can be fed on corns, beetroot, etc. but these should be occasionally given to help save overfilling them. You need to mind their intake should involve vitamin C which is needed by them to thrive.


Considering these things, choosing the right food for pets is not at all an easy task and one needs to have a conscious focus on the health requirements of these animals. Since each animal has its own preferences and needs, it is imperative to choose the food accordingly. To this effect, one could check out international brands who are renowned for pet food and pet supplies. These brands include big names like Royal Chain or Drool Food or Pedigree to name a few. These brands provide specific food for every pet taking care of the nutritive value as required by a specific pet.


In all probabilities, your pets would prefer and like one of these foods as provided by these brands. You could supplement their diet with other homemade or natural food.

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