5 Tips To Improve Your Dog’s Diet

Feeding your dog or a pup in your care is something you should not take lightly. Apart from regular exercise and mental health, diet is one of the biggest contributors to your dog’s well being. Feeding your dog with healthy food options is really important. Looking for pet food online? But first, read our blog to understand ways to improve your dog’s diet.


Good eating habits we create for our dogs can result in healthy life. Bad eating habits can result in failure. Nowadays, There are lots of options for pet food online, But you need to be careful about choosing the right kind of pet food for your loved ones.


Experts at Goofytails would like to share with you some of the most important principles that we apply in forming the perfect canine diet.


If you’re not  happy with the current food you’re feeding, then applying some of the suggestions will help you improve lot of things related to diet and health of your dog. Some change is better than no change.


Here are 5 tips to improve your dog’s diet


1. Introduce fresh whole foods


Fresh whole foods such as veggies and fruits are full of good enzyme particles and will add a healthy dimension to your dog’s health. Whole foods are usually full of fiber which improves digestions and improves your dog’s poop!


Do your own research on safe whole foods for dogs.


Many of the vital nutrients are destroyed by the cooking techniques that create shelf-stable foods. So the producers add synthetic nutrients back into their food products. These nutrients are not absorbed by the digestive system of your pet.


Well, There are certain fruits and vegetables that dogs must avoid; also, you’ll be amazed at which parts of the vegetables are the most nutritious. For example, stems of broccoli contain more nutrients than the head, and leaves of beetroot are full of beneficial things for your pet’s health.


Vegetables puree is also recommended for maximum nutrient absorption.


2. Avoid cooking meats


Every species on the planet eat raw food except for human beings.


We lose out on many beneficial nutrients when we cook our food to please our taste buds.


It’s the same when we cook meat for our dogs. While some certain whole foods may release nutrients when cooked, it’s best to avoid cooking meat for your dog.


If you really want to cook meat for your dogs, just lightly sear it instead of cooking it completely.


3. Replace rice with organic green lentils


Dogs really don’t really need to eat grains to be healthy. Well, they don’t eat them in the wild, and most are allergic to wheat / grains.


When a dog has a tummy upset scenario, many vets still recommend boiled chicken and rice. Even those dog foods which says they are grain free contains grains.


A great rich protein source substitute is green lentils. Just like rice, green lentils require boiling, so the preparation time is pretty similar.


It’s best to soak them and rinse off before cooking, then repeat the rinse process after cooking .


Lentils are one of the most nutritionally valuable plants. Lentils:


  • Contains high protein content.
  • Super rich in fiber and minerals, particularly iron and magnesium.


4. Limit treats and Do not overfeed.


If your dog is overweight, feed him really early in the daytime so your dog has more time to work to digest it.


If your dog really needs to gain weight then feed more regularly and especially before nighttime. This will help in preventing the dog from burning off those calories.


Don’t worry if your dog is too skinny, It’s ok for your dog to be slim, especially in his active, younger years.


As your dog grows up, will gain more weight easily, Do not try to make him heavier too soon – it will come naturally with time.


Many dog food product manufacturers have tricked dog owners into believing that giving out lots of dogs treats is normal.


Many treats contain harmful synthetic nutrients which acts like a slow poison for your dogs. It is really hard to find ready made healthy treats.


Giving a lot of treats can also make the dog obese.


Consider making healthy and fresh treats at home. Dried coconut flakes and veggies are a great choice.


It’s nice to give your dog treats, but in a limited way. Remember – Lean dogs are healthier dogs!


5. Rethink your water


Well, Water is the most important factor for a healthy diet for both humans and dogs but sometimes it’s overlooked. There are many harmful chemicals and bacteria in tap water these days, depending where you live.


Filtered water is ideal to cook your dog meals with. Also, filtered water is good for your dog when he is thirsty instead of tap water. Never let the water stay in their bowls for more than 4 hours. Mosquitoes and bacteria can breed if the water is stagnant for many hours and can make your dog sick.


Goofytails is always keen on keeping your pet healthy and happy. Don’t be afraid to get in touch anytime with questions, We are here to help.

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