5 amazing facts about German Shepherd

Fact 1 : Best Guard Dog


The big deal is that German Shepherd dog is considered  as the world’s leading police , military and guard dog .


Beat that !


Fact 2 : German Shepherds Were No. 1


German Shepherds were the No. 1 most popular dog in the United States around year  1925, and stayed that way for the rest of the 1920s before disappearing from the top 10 until after World War II.


Fact 3 : Great Family Companions


While they may be known for their anti terrorist campaigns , guard dogs and police dogs , the German Shepherd is actually a great breed for older children and families , as they are highly trainable, ultra loyal and very committed to their owners. German shepherds are a bit aggressive with strangers due to over protective nature of the dog  .


Fact 4 : German Shepherd  TV Star?


German shepherds have been on television and in cinema for many many years. Rin-Tin-Tin was a German shepherd that was on a popular show many years ago and was one of the top stars in Hollywood in the 1920’s era .  During peak time of his career as a showbiz dog , Rin-Tin-Tin was receiving  more than 9000 fan letters each week Rin-Tin-Tin  was a lonely lost puppy when an army soldier adopted him and trained him . He was so agile and athletic as a dog  that he could easily jump over 11 ft . He was the hero of every young kid watching television in that era


Fact 5 : Real Life Hero Dog


Bruno, a nine-month-old German shepherd saved the life of Donnie Skiffington  . This all happened when Donnie was accidently thrown from his bicycle into a ditch and he laid there unconscious and badly bleeding. The German Shepherd dog started licking  Donnie’s face until he woke up and then started pulling Donnie by the shirt in the direction of home.


Through this blogpost  Goofytails would like to thank all the German Shepherd dogs around the world to serve and keeping us safe .

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